Hi, I’m Jamey Sharp. I’m human, with all the complications that entails, so describing myself is a challenge.


I’ve worked on a lot of free and open source software, but my biggest contributions have been:

Together with several friends, I created Comic Rocket, which can help you discover and follow tens of thousands of webcomics!

I have a poorly organized LinkedIn page, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Technical passions

I love discovering how things work. I’ve studied computer technology more than anything else, but my interests span a wide range within that realm.

  • computer science fields including:
    • cryptography
    • combinatorial search
    • compilers
    • computational complexity
  • systems-level programming, such as:
    • anything in Mozilla’s Rust programming language
    • real-time embedded systems
    • file format and network protocol implementations
    • kernel development, for Linux or otherwise
    • boot-loader hacking
  • computer architecture and its impact on software design
  • functional programming, preferably in Haskell


I live in Portland, Oregon, in the US, and I’ve lived here my whole life. Of the cities I’ve traveled to around the world, there are very few I’ve thought I might like living in better than Portland, although the town of Raglan, in New Zealand, was a strong contender.

I have at various times in my life really enjoyed Aikido, biking, and most recently, bouldering.

I enjoy hiking in places with just the right balance of greenery, rocks, and water. (Though some days, the greenery is optional.) I don’t get to hike in such places nearly as often as I’d like. Washington Park is readily accessible by public transportation, but doesn’t tend to have enough rocks or water for my tastes. On the other hand, the Columbia Gorge is a really beautiful place and I love it, but it’s something like an hour’s drive away and I usually can’t be bothered.