Bart seems to think he’d like to read webcomic reviews if I wrote them. He’s probably nuts. Here are some very short reviews of comics I think my friends aren’t reading and might like to… in no particular order:

Sam and Fuzzy: mostly a daily humor strip with mediocre art but pretty good writing. For the first year. Then Sam Logan got drawing skills and plot–lots of plot. The result is always fun, even when it’s serious. The comic began in May 2002 and has consistently updated at least three times per week since December 2002. Highly recommended.

Comics whose artists Sarah and I met a few weeks ago at the Stumptown Comics Fest 2007:

Family Man, about a German scholar in 1768. Beautiful art, fascinating story—if only it updated more often. (It’s once per week, I believe.) By Dylan Meconis, lately a Portland resident and formerly the creator of Bite Me, which was quite different and yet I liked it a lot too.

Ask Dr. Eldritch, an advice column, horoscope, and photocomic by a guy who looks and sounds just like Data would, if Data had a stellar sense of humor and some camo. He failed to guess my astrological sign, which I thought was a pretty amusing way to give me a Choose Wisely! button.

Punch an’ Pie. Drawing by Chris Daily of Striptease, and writing by Aeire with some of the characters from her previous comic, Queen of Wands. I’ve been enjoying Aeire’s work since her early short-lived webcomic, Xenith. (She removed the archives, though you can still find them, mostly, if you know where to look.) I kind of, er, fanboyed?

Bruno, not to be confused with “Bruno the Bandit”, which I gave up on a long time ago. Bruno is now defunct, and Chris Baldwin went on to do Little Dee, which I never started following. But I bought one of his Bruno books, and chatted with him a bit.