Eeee! Carl and Owen are both looking at my code! They’ve made some really insightful comments about XCB’s current API. This is great; I’ve been wanting more feedback from people with lots of API design experience. And I know from seeing how picky Carl is about Cairo’s API that he has good taste in API design. Woot, got API warts to fix now…

Meanwhile, Vincent and Jeremy keep producing good code building on XCB. I have a mental note to look over Vincent’s GetWMSizeHints bits, figure out why Jeremy’s getting an assertion failure instead of some usual Xlib error message, and answer Travis’ questions about why I said his Solaris patch testing wasn’t valid… Not to mention, of course, JG’s desire to get compression and security as a fundamental component of X, which I suppose I ought to respond to at some point. (He started some conversation going in a private e-mail exchange that died during the attempt to move it to a public list.)

I have a bit of a list forming of “I wish Josh would take care of this” problems. I’ll have to ask Bart if I can steal whatever of Josh’s time Bart owns to fix these little things. Else I guess I’ll have to dust off my XSLT skillz and fix things myself. (I just used those skills yesterday; where does this dust keep coming from?)

A while ago I was pretty frustrated that nobody else wanted to play with me in my little XCB sandbox. That was killing my motivation. Now people are playing, and I’m too busy answering e-mail (and trying not to fail my classes, I guess) to get any coding work done myself. Oh, well, I’m having fun with it.