I am sitting, looking out at a window.
It is small, below eye level.
People's legs pass outside. Apparently there is a sidewalk,
but my eyes are closed: I see only light and shadows.
The sun must be shining, yet in here, it is dark.

A flock of runners pass. I laugh at a straggler,
but no one is here to hear me: did I make a sound?

A woman walks up behind me,
covers my eyes, whispers, "Boo!" I laugh at her, too,
but she is gone. Was she ever there?

I get up, look down.
I am standing on a black ledge, amidst a black abyss.
Out at unknown people, down at unknown darkness.
While hazards are uncertain, so are benefits.
Window. Abyss. Choice.
I step forward and fall.
What will I find?